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This community was created for the discussion of art. Formal, techinical, historical, cultural topics are all up for grabs. I will post one work a day and members can make posts (or as comments) of their thoughts, knowledge, theories and the such. Art will be posted that you will dislike or like, so make it known (and back up your arguments). Debates are welcome!

Members are welcome to post pieces but I need to moderate them. There has been too much spamming and personal art. I am sure your art is wonderful but frankly if you haven't been recorded in an art history book or been published on, then you'll need to find somewhere else to post, there are plenty of art and artists communities out there.

You MUST include the artists name and the date (if known).

I don't want this to be a community of Rules and Regulations, discussions can span a wide range of topics: technical, cultural, the period, the locale, the artist, paintings inspired by it, paintings inspired by, and more more more.